Aqua Sport

Lohas Airport hotel is not just an exquisite hotel to visit but it is a hotel equipped with quality amenities and services that you will surely enjoy. One of their pride is the aqua sports which guarantied safe and secured.

  • Jet ski - is one of the most favorite sports in the country. It is extreme water sport adventure best for one to two persons. Nothing beats the heart-racing and thrilling adventure offered by this service.
  • Snorkeling - is one of the most popular activities that even kids would love. You will definitely see the beauty of nature under the sea.
  • Scuba Diving - is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a underwater breathing apparatus(scuba) to breathe underwater. It is one exciting activity especially for divers.
  • Fishing- is a simple activity which is ideal for those who are less adventurous. Still people will surely enjoy this using the good-conditioned service.
  • Banana Boat- Is one of the most availed services especially for those who seek for group adventure.
  • Floating Cottage Boat- is a latest addition to aqua sport which is very unique, guaranteed safe, and totally fun.
  • Peanut Boat- is a boat shaped like a peanut, good for 2 persons that will surely enjoy the extreme water adventure.
  • Yacht- is an ideal beach activity for those people who loves sailing. We use our yacht to bring our guests to the nearby islands for fishing, scuba diving and other aqua sports activities.